About Wandsworth Health News

Wandsworth Health News is for those who want to be kept in touch with what is happening to our NHS services in Wandsworth. This includes our local hospital St George’s,  the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group, and the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust.

The standpoint of Wandsworth Health News is one that is implacably opposed to the break up and privatisation of our  NHS. It also opposes cuts to the service and wants a fully funded NHS that can provide for people’s needs.

The NHS began in 1948 as a health service free at the point of use, paid for out of taxation, and one that was publicly owned and publicly provided.

We see no reason why those objectives should be altered now.

About the author

Wandsworth Health News is the sole responsibility of Dr Mike Squires who is an activist in Keep Our NHS Public.

Mike grew up in Battersea, now part of Wandsworth, before graduating from Swansea University in 1970. He obtained a PhD from the University of Leeds in 1987. His research area was Shapurji Saklatvala who was the Communist MP for Battersea in the 1920s.

Mike lives in Balham with his partner of over thirty years, and an elderly Battersea Dogs Home Labrador.


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